Hi, I'm Crista, I'm from Canada! I have a huge love for Supernatural, Jensen and Ty specifically. I was at Vegascon, I have a biased side for what happened, so don't send me any hate for Ty or it'll be ignored.
I love talking to everyone so message me anytime! I'll be at Torcon this year :)

We’ve added one more to our team!


So my team (Charlie’s Angels) is still looking for more amazing team members! We are at around 7! So if you’re looking for a sweet team let me know!!

100 happy days day 24 

Niagara for gords birthday (ugh gotta loose some weight :( gaining all the weight I lost back-so sad!)


"Do you like bananas?"
“A little bit.”

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… Damn it, Dean.

100 happy days day 23:

Went for drinks with my fav from work and this was my cup, I wish I coulda stole it haha!

100 happy days day 21,

Healthy eating trying to get back into it! So delicious!!!!


Reasons why, even after leaving the show, the Supernatural cast is the best cast on the planet.

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